From floor materials to cabinet colors, there are many decisions to be made during a home remodel. It can get stressful doing it all alone. But with the help of design-build professionals, making decisions about renovations becomes more manageable. Quality DesignWorks is a remodeling company that’s performed countless home renovations. Here are some of the details we suggest you consider when planning a remodel.

Consider The Extent Of The Project

If your home is outdated, too small, or not a fit with your tastes aesthetically, you’ve probably had remodeling on the mind for a while. But how can you determine what the extent of the remodel should be? Would a few updates make a difference, or are significant renovations in order? Would it work to concentrate on the kitchen or remodel several areas at once? And what about the budget, the timeline, and everything else that goes into remodeling? Quality DesignWorks can advise you on the extent of your renovation project, including these aspects.

Time Of Year

Time of year is an essential consideration in remodeling. If your goal is to have a new kitchen island built by the winter holidays for the family to gather around, then the time to do home renovations in Gainesville is in the summer. The reverse timeline is also the case should you wish to build a backyard kitchen and grill station. Fortunately, as a design-build company, we can give accurate estimates of timelines for projects and help you pick the right time of year to begin a remodel.

Impacts To Your Lifestyle

It’s a challenge for many homeowners to predict the temporary impact a construction project will have on their lifestyles. But our builders can anticipate how a project might affect your routines.

Size Of The Space

Room size is a parameter you’ll want to consider as you plan a remodel. A large room requires more time and materials to renovate than a small room.

The type of room also plays a role. The cabinetry, appliances, and floor materials in a kitchen make it more complicated to remodel than a living room. But our team can advise you on which spaces could be renovated in a specific timeframe and on budget.

Furthermore, we can suggest how you could enhance an area without doing a full remodel. We also can show you how to split your budget to beautify multiple rooms, such as installing cabinets in the kitchen and tile floors in the bathroom.

How To Make Design Decisions

Once the extent of the remodel is known, next comes the design phase. A well-conceived design is integral in all home renovations. The plan must be thought up, considered, reworked, reconsidered, and so on until you’ve addressed every eventuality. While remodeling in Gainesville, our designers can listen to your ideas, offer advice, and transform your conception of a room into a rendered design, which our builders will then make into a full-blown reality.

Which Materials Should You Use?

In creating the design for an area of a home, there are many choices of materials with different characteristics to consider.

Durable Materials

The durability of a material determines its functionality and longevity. When doing kitchen remodeling, granite countertops are more durable than laminate countertops. Granite can stand up to knife cuts, and it won’t fade over time. The money spent on higher durability products can also pay off in the long run. Tile floors are similar in price to linoleum, yet tile lasts for many years longer. Concrete floors are another inexpensive but durable option.

Color Considerations

Color determines the aesthetics of your home, but the colors you choose can affect your mood. Blue is calming. Red is energetic. Black is bold. Green is natural and soothing. Purple is luxurious. And the list goes on. But what’s helpful is how the designers at our home remodeling company can advise you on how to can create harmony in the home by matching the colors of the walls, floors, trim as well as the furniture and appliances.

Quality DesignWorks works with you to make your home remodeling dream a reality. If you have questions about the extent of a remodel, from the timeline to the budget, our builders can draw on experience to provide accurate estimates. For the design aspects of renovations, our designers have a process that harmonizes your ideas with contemporary design themes. We also have answers when it comes to selecting materials, colors, and more design details. Contact Quality DesignWorks today to discuss your idea for a remodel!