A household can never have too much storage space, especially in the garage. A proper garage is the ideal catch-all for a house and can be used for everything from storage to an extra hangout spot. Our highly experienced team of designers and contractors can collaborate with you to provide you with a garage that meets every check on your wish list. Whether you need a detached garage built from the ground up or you are remodeling an existing space, our home remodeling company can help. For more information on how we can transform your space, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation!

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Garage Conversion Ideas

There are several reasons a homeowner may want to convert a garage, including making space for a growing child or elderly family member, extending an existing room, or adding a new room entirely to accommodate new hobbies. When it comes to garage conversions, the possibilities are almost endless!

Optimize Space & Improve Function

A garage addition or conversion is one of the most functional remodels you can do for your home. This project generally adds extra space and storage to accommodate your household and offers endless possibilities for additional utility. Our goal when designing garage additions and conversions is optimizing space to ensure it can best serve your needs.

Custom Solutions For Every Home

Garage space can significantly increase a home’s value and improve desirability for resale. Our team is confident we can provide high-quality craftsmanship for whatever style of garage you need. At Quality DesignWorks, we take pride in providing personalized designs that are completely unique to your home. We can design this space to serve as a multi-car garage, workout space, workshop, art studio, comprehensive storage unit, or all of the above. This space can even be equipped with an HVAC system and be included in your home’s square footage. Check out our project gallery for ideas for your new addition or home remodeling project and contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable designers!

Check Out Our Project Gallery!

Inspiration for your home remodel is everywhere, for more ideas, check out our prior work for pictures of home additions! Look through our selection of completed renovations and design-build transformations by Quality DesignWorks — and maybe spark a few ideas for your home project! And for all home remodeling in Gainesville, FL, contact our team to schedule an appointment today!