For the Best Outdoor Kitchen, Ask Quality DesignWorks

So, you are thinking about outdoor kitchen remodeling? We think that’s wonderful. We know how much time people spend entertaining, grilling and relaxing outdoors. We often recommend installing an outdoor kitchen in Florida to complement a traditional indoor kitchen.

We’ve divided up the typical outdoor kitchen design into four key areas to give you a head start on your dreaming and planning. These areas are as follows: wet areas, dry areas, hot areas and cold areas.

Outdoor Kitchens: Wet Areas

Let’s begin with the wet area. Water is an indispensable part of cooking and dishes need to be washed. Those two factors alone should make the benefits of a sink obvious. When choosing an outdoor sink, most people go with stainless steel. This material holds up well in weather and is easy to maintain. The size and shape of the sink will depend on the owner’s preferences, but we offer two key pieces of advice. First, cover the sink when not in use to protect the surface from dirt and debris. Second, choose sinks and faucets that avoid the use of rubber gaskets and seals.

Dry Areas of Outdoor Kitchens

Dry areas include all the spaces that are separate from the sinks/water lines. Most commonly, these areas include tables, seating and countertops. Clearly, having a place to sit is most crucial when renovating an area for relaxing and entertaining guests. However, we think that tables and counters are important, too. When choosing outdoor tables and seating, look for options that are easy to maintain and that offer flexibility in use. A popular but expensive choice for countertops is granite, but we suggest concrete countertops instead. You can also use soapstone, slate, marble or tile.


Some Like It Hot

The hot area of your outdoor kitchen includes items such as grills, cooktops, griddles and ovens. While a simple grill may be all you need, we would recommend thinking about adding a gas oven or even a wood-fired oven. At the very least, consider augmenting your grill with a side burner. A vent hood may be needed depending on the location of your cooking appliances.

Outdoor Kitchens: Cool & Refreshing

The cold areas deal with the refrigeration. Having a place to keep drinks and food cold as needed is a perk. However, contrary to what you may have heard, one cannot effectively use an indoor refrigerator in an outdoor kitchen. This is because outdoor refrigerators must endure weather conditions that indoor refrigerators do not. You’ll need to decide if you want to install a freestanding model or have one built in. Options range from the standard cube shape to those with special slide out drawers. And don’t forget about wine coolers, mini coolers and even air conditioning if you have nearby Florida room!

If you’re ready to add an outdoor kitchen to your home, or renovate an outdoor kitchen that just can’t handle your expectations of at-home entertainment and family dinners, contact Quality DesignWorks. We are the leading design build company in Alachua County that will design, build and revolutionize your outdoor kitchen. If you’re ready to begin your Gainesville remodeling projects, our designers would love to hear from you.