Our home renovation contractors know that remodeling your living space can help you achieve the house of your dreams, boost property values, and offer a host of additional benefits. However, when it comes to remodeling, home entrance design is often overlooked. Still, the entryway might be among the most important spaces in your home. Your home’s entrance is a perfect place to make a great first impression with guests, an ideal spot for organization, and a great area that can help brighten the rest of your home. Our design-build experts at Quality DesignWorks invite you to go beyond the welcome mat and ensure your entryway says exactly what you want it to with the following tips.

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Ensure Everything Has A Place

If you are like most homeowners, your entryway can get a little cluttered. As the landing place for pets, kids, and even guests, it’s all too easy to ignore accumulated messes and stacked piles. In terms of design and planning for a remodel, one of the best house entrance ideas is to ensure that everything in the room has a place. Be realistic while planning the design of your entrance: if you drop your mail when you walk in the door each day, make sure the mail has a dedicated receptacle. Adding entryway storage such as an entryway bench with storage can help you free up room and offer guests a place to sit while simultaneously ensuring items you need at least semi-regularly have a dedicated space for when they’re not in use.

Capitalize On Wall Space

The floors aren’t the only area to focus on when remodeling your home’s front entryway. Don’t forget to look up while designing your new entryway! Utilizing the walls and ceiling in your foyer with entryway wall décor can serve you well both in terms of sensibility and aesthetics and help you set the tone for your house. While the entrance may be a tighter area, you can capitalize on wall and ceiling space to introduce some extra style. Installing a statement chandelier, for example, can provide guests with an idea of your home’s general style. Hanging up a group of framed art, alternatively, can add some artistic interest to the walls. For the wanderlusts among us, utilize the foyer to display collected mementos and souvenirs.

Define Your Home’s Entrance

For those living in an open-concept home, outlining the front entryway can be difficult. A lack of clear definition between the entryway and the rest of the home can quickly leave homeowners scratching their heads. The best work-around for this issue is defining the space with color and entryway furniture, which lets visitors know where the entry ends, and the rest of the home begins. A well-positioned curiosity cabinet, bookshelf, or table offers a place to set down keys, while a bench or organizer unit guides guests to stash their stuff. If your entryway is too small a space for furniture additions, consider bringing attention to the area with bright, hand-knotted entryway rugs, bold-colored paint on the walls, or even wallpaper.

Create An Optical Illusion

One of the most exciting principles of house entrance design has to do with maximizing the space’s potential through optical illusions. Adding a simple decorative item in a small area can suddenly make the room feel larger while likewise adding some aesthetic value. In many homes, entryways suffer from a serious lack of light. Hanging mirrors, however, can help bounce some brightness into the space by reflecting light from more illuminated areas of the home. This works particularly well with front doors that feature windows. Angling a mirror directly across the source of light can help you double down on wall decorations as well as whatever amount of natural brightness you have, making your entry feel both larger and airier.

Make Room For Guests

An important aspect of our approach to home renovation is creating the ideal combination of form and function in a space. In addition to aesthetic value, entryways should offer convenience that meets the functional needs of homeowners and their guests. To help guests feel comfortable and to consolidate belongings, offer a defined place (like an entryway organizer wall) to put shoes, coats, and other items before entering the home. Keep necessities, like phone chargers and umbrellas at the ready, will help make sure you and your family always have what you need on hand. If you’re ready to customize your home to your liking and lifestyle needs, contact Quality DesignWorks, your trusted design-build company in Gainesville.