Sprucing up your bathroom can be as simple or as complex of a process as you desire. Making small changes and upgrades can be transformative for those seeking simple, stress-free solutions to enhancing their bathroom. We spend a wealth of time in the bathroom; from showering, bathing, brushing our teeth, pampering, and performing other tasks, the average American spends several years of their life in the bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t spark joy, then it’s time to make some changes. Here, our home renovation contractors and design-build experts at Quality DesignWorks share easy bathroom design ideas for sprucing up your washroom. Contact us today to book a showroom appointment!

Upgrade Your Bathroom Organization

Your bathroom may be suitably sized, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the layout of your bathroom is best suited for your needs, particularly when it comes to storage and organization. Is your bathroom vanity devoid of adequate storage space? Swap it out for a vanity with drawers, cabinets, or a double-sink vanity. For existing bathroom closet spaces without much structure, use containers to group similar items together and sort them so that the items you reach for the most are easiest to access.

Tile A New Bathroom Backsplash

Do you detest the appearance of your bathroom walls or backsplash? Thanks to modern innovations in interior design, individuals looking to upgrade their bathroom aesthetic can do so easily and without much effort. Consider purchasing and installing moisture and humidity-resistant peel-and-stick tile backsplashes for a quick option. All you need to install them is a bit of patience and a clean and dry surface. You can also swap out different peel-and-stick backsplash designs by heating the adhesive surface with a hairdryer.

Swap Old Features For New Ones

Buying and installing new bathroom furnishings can be time-consuming and costly. For those seeking an easier and more affordable way to revitalize the look of their existing bathroom cabinets is to remove old hardware and swap it with new, modern hardware. Avoid a difficult transition by ensuring any new hardware pieces you consider purchasing have screw alignments that match perfectly with those in your existing cabinets. That way you can avoid having to drill additional holes in your cabinets.

Upgrade The Bathroom Floor

Depending on the materials used in your bathroom flooring, the condition of the floors, and the degree to which you want to upgrade them, your solution for upgrading your bathroom floors will vary. If your bathroom has a natural, wooden floor, you might consider covering it with moisture-proof flooring materials, like tile. For an even easier solution to sprucing them up is to keep your wooden flooring and slap on a coat of protective enamel, which will help seal them and protect them from water damage from the bath and sink.

Hire A Design-Build Expert

The best and easiest way to spruce up your bathroom is with the help of a design-build expert, such as those with Quality DesignWorks. Our team specializes in creating bathroom design masterpieces with every remodel and renovation project we work on. We know your life constantly evolves, so why shouldn’t your home match that change? Whether you want to enhance your bathrooms with a fresh, new design with modern features that wow, or you prefer a complete bathroom overhaul for more space, customized storage, and a timeless look with a bathroom remodel, we have you covered! Contact us today to find your perfect bathroom!