Closet Redesigns in Gainesville, FL

When the space available in closets becomes limited, they quickly become a mess with clothes and shoes piling on top of one another. If you often find yourself annoyed at your closet for not having enough space, frustrated by the clutter, or ashamed of anyone seeing it, it’s time to remodel. Your closet has more potential than you may think, it can become an organized space for dressing and storage and even make your home more appealing. At Quality DesignWorks, we specialize in home remodeling Gainesville, FL, residents can love.

Rods & Shelving

Most closets usually come with one long rod stretching from wall to wall with a shelf above it. This layout can quickly limit your space, however. By installing various rods of different lengths and heights, as well as shelving, you can better use the space available to you. Take into consideration the type of clothing you own and the amount of each. Install single rods for long items like pants and dresses. For shirts and shorts, you can separate the wall into two or even three sections with a rod on top of the other with enough space in between for only short items like shirts. The same applies for shelving. You can designate certain folded clothes to different shelves. Shelving is also a great way to get shoes off the floor and better organize them.

Make it a Dressing Room

If you’re already storing your clothes in your closet, you might as well make it an enjoyable area where you can test out your different outfits as well. Turning closets into dressing rooms is a new trend in home additions Gainesville residents can be thrilled about for the added functionality to a storage area. This is going to be your dressing room, so make it comfortable for you. Designate an area for jewelry where you can display it for easy access and a splash of color. Add a full body mirror on the far wall so you can see yourself from top to bottom. If the space allows, even incorporate a small sitting area for putting shoes on. You can even change your closet door to a sliding door or a bi-fold so it doesn’t block space in your closet and creates a more inviting appearance.

Divides, Baskets & Hooks

Linen closets can quickly become a clutter of sheets and towels due to their limited space. However, by adding shelf dividers and baskets you can create designated areas for different things allowing more shelf space and keeping things from getting mixed together. Hooks on the door are another great way to create more usable space in such a limited area.

Make it Pop

Closets tend to be dark and closed off, contributing to a more claustrophobic feel. With a few simple changes though, you can add more life to your closet and make it feel wider. Install new light fixtures that can maximize the light in your closet, preferably fluorescent lights. Add color to the walls by painting them a bright hue and change old carpets to wooden floors or tile. Simple changes like these can be enough for a closet remodel Gainesville residents can be thrilled about.

Gainesville Home Remodeling

When remodeling your closet, it is important to keep in mind what purpose you want to use it for. What will be best for you, your lifestyle and your home? For more intricate closet remodeling or simply for professional help, hire a custom home design and build company. At Quality DesignWorks, we can provide you with Gainesville, Florida remodeling to your closet or any other area of your home for functionality and a look you can be proud of.