According to Zillow, home values in Alachua County have increased by 6.1 percent from 2018 to 2019 — and a rise of 4.4 percent is projected within the next year. Given this upward trajectory, homeowners who invest in custom kitchen remodels and custom build bathrooms are likely to see a substantial return on investment (ROI) for their financial investment. But when it comes to boosting home value, not all home improvement and renovation projects are created equal.

As prospective homebuyers move towards the trend of customized interiors, the key to increasing the value of a residential property is professional remodeling for tailored tastes with efficient, minimalistic, low-maintenance, and spacious upgrades. With a finger on the pulse of residential property values, our full-service design and build company in Alachua County is your answer for high-quality renovations that help put residential properties at the top of the market.

4 Custom Remodel Tips To Increase Home Value

Custom home remodels can help homeowners yield the benefits associated with increased property values as well as a greater degree of homeowner enjoyment of their interior spaces. The design-build professionals with Quality DesignWorks offer the following tips to help make your remodel successful — schedule a consultation for a custom home renovation today!

1. Maximize Your ROI

Kitchens and bathrooms that are outdated and lackluster can essentially prohibit a residential property from reaching its highest valuation. A customized full kitchen remodel and bathroom renovation can help homeowners tip the scales of home valuation in their favor and produce a high return on investment for residential upgrades. To ensure optimal results to your kitchen and bathroom remodel, stick with a professional design-build company that can provide you with complete renovation services, from taking measurements and drafting construction plans to helping you choose materials and constructing the customized remodel.

2. Make It Low-Maintenance

The most desirable residential upgrades minimize hassle and maximize enjoyment. Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used spaces within a home — if your bathroom features old or outdated features, new bathroom construction can help breathe new life into the environment with customized details that prospective homeowners favor. For beautiful bathrooms that don’t require a high degree of maintenance, choose cultured marble panels over ceramic tile and replace shower entrances with thick-glass doors for a spa-like aesthetic without the hassle. High-upkeep surfaces in other rooms can benefit from an upgrade, too — replace easily stained carpet with hardwood flooring and high-maintenance wooden siding with vinyl siding.

3. Move Towards Efficiency

Energy conservation features can have a significant impact on home value. Consider double-paned windows, enhanced insulation, LED lighting, and energy-efficient appliances to increase property values and entice energy-conscious homebuyers. Residential properties which feature eco-friendly extras can serve to communicate the promise of low, long-term costs for monthly utility bills in addition to an overall smaller ecological footprint for the property. Another aspect of efficiency regards easy-to-maintain interiors, such as bathroom design and kitchen design, that create less work around the house — walk-in showers with frameless doors require far less day-to-day upkeep than the maintenance required for built-in bathtubs.

4. Master The Open Layout

When it comes to the aesthetic value of residential interiors, open layouts take the prize. Spacious interiors which feature plentiful storage with ergonomic components; neutral colors with organic undertones; and modern finishes with minimalistic details help create a serene and uncluttered atmosphere with which homeowners and homebuyers can create their desired lifestyle. The ideal kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel produces an inviting interior atmosphere with an open feel as opposed to compartmentalized spaces that tend to make rooms feel smaller and more compact. The certified kitchen and bath designers with Quality DesignWorks can help you create the perfect open layout in home — contact us today.