When it comes to home renovations, using concrete as flooring may be a better idea than you might think. Given the advances in concrete as a flooring material, homeowners now have options for design and durability that no other type of flooring could offer. As a result, concrete flooring in Gainesville is becoming more popular as homeowners continue to discover the advantages the material has. For more information about decorative concrete, contact Quality DesignWorks.

Benefits of Concrete Floors

Compared to wood, carpet, or tile, concrete is much stronger flooring material. And by discovering the implications of concrete’s strength, you can see why concrete floors would be a benefit to your own home.

Damage Resistance

The benefits to concrete flooring include being resistant to common sources of damages. While walking in high heels or golf shoes on wood flooring, you worry about scratches. After dropping a heavy item on tile flooring, you worry about cracks and broken tile pieces. Upon spilling red liquid on carpet flooring, you worry about permanent stains. But concrete flooring is impervious to these types of damages.


Across the country, concrete flooring is used in commercial settings because it stands up to hard work and heavy machinery. So, just imagine how resilient concrete flooring will be in your home. In fact, as long as they’re installed correctly and maintained properly, concrete floors will last a lifetime. But, in order to ensure your concrete flooring is the best quality, be sure to hire a company that offers home remodeling Gainesville, FL, residents trust.

Numerous Design Possibilities

There are just as many or even more design possibilities for concrete as there are for other types of flooring. For example, in Gainesville home remodels can feature concrete flooring with colors or textures that resemble natural materials, such as wood, marble, or brick, as well as custom artistic designs. And while concrete flooring can last a lifetime, there are still design updates that can be done to it, such as covering the floor with a cement sealer that’s a different color or finish. Occasionally during home renovations, concrete flooring can even be used as subflooring upon which a different type of flooring material, such as wood, tile, or carpet, is installed.

More Benefits for Gainesville Homeowners

Concrete flooring has other advantages for local homeowners. For example, pets are popular in Gainesville, but the claws of cats or dogs can damage conventional types of flooring, such as scratching wood or tearing carpet. But the durability of concrete makes it a pet-friendly flooring option. Meanwhile, the resistance of concrete to damage makes it an appealing flooring material for future home buyers who appreciate dependability. Adding concrete floors to your home could thus help boost the house’s resale value with certain types of buyers. What’s more, as an investment, concrete flooring is appealing because the installation costs are often lower than for other flooring options.

Home Remodeling in Gainesville, FL

Quality DesignWorks offers professional home renovation and remodeling services in Gainesville, FL. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to construction of outdoor kitchens and home additions, our talented contractors will see your project through from start-to-finish. We also have a designers who are also up-to-date with the latest home design trends, including using decorative concrete as flooring or countertops. Our team can also suggest cost-effective renovations or add-ons to increase the resale value of your home. Contact us for more information.