Remodeling one or more rooms in a home usually means putting great deal of trust on contractors. However, the level of homeowners’ satisfaction with the end result will depend not only the contractors’ abilities to do a good job but also, firstly, on the homeowners and contractors’ ability to communicate efficiently with each other.  No matter how talented the designers and builders are, if their understanding of what the rooms should look like and how much the project should cost differs from what the homeowner has in mind, the project could become a nightmare full of frustration, disappointment and wasted money. Prevent this from happening to you with these tips for effective communication with your Gainesville, FL, home remodeling contractors.

Explain the Use of Each Room

Don’t stop at simply explaining what you want each room to look like. Telling contractors exactly how you intend to use the space can help you and them make sure that all the aesthetic changes go in accordance with the room’s functionality. For example, a kitchen remodel Gainesville, FL large families who typically hang out in the kitchen and host dinner parties need may be useless to a bachelor or young couple who dines out frequently. The first may need to prioritize adding storage room for kitchen supplies and dinnerware, while the second may be able to use that space for something else, such as modern decorations. Similarly, aspects of bathroom remodeling Gainesville residents request vary depending on the area of the home where the bathroom is located, how many people intend to use it and any other particular needs of the homeowners. Decisions to make include whether the bathroom needs dividing walls, one or two sinks, a bathtub or shower, wheelchair accessibility, access to a closet, etc.

Use Visuals

Besides discussing with contractors verbally, use photos, drawings or blueprints to further explain your requirements. Better than spoken words, visuals help contractors understand details and reiterate important points that should not be skipped. Pictures also allow you to compare results to the original idea.

Beware of Jargon

As in any profession, designers, architects, carpenters, electricians and other contractors often speak their own languages. Even with good intentions, lingo can easily lead to misunderstandings, so don’t shy away from asking them to clarify terms or repeat explanations. You may also want to do some research on your own. Make sure you understand terms that are often included in contracts, such as “allowances” and “change orders.”

Keep a Project Diary

Maintaining a project journal can help you and the contractors keep track of the project’s stages and progress timeline. Use a notebook to jot down suggestions, ideas and questions that come to mind when the contractors are not around to remind yourself the next time they come. Try to get all communication related to the project in writing. This can prevent arguments started with phrases such as, “But you said…” and “I thought you were handling that,” which can come from selective memory or genuine misunderstandings. Because verbal agreements don’t provide a reliable record, have a written contract that details the full scope of the project, including start and completion dates, a breakdown of the materials, who is responsible for ordering them, etc.

Be Clear About Budgets

Your contractors have most likely been remodeling Gainesville kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and entire homes for several years. They have catered to a wide variety of clients with different needs, tastes, priorities and income levels. If they don’t know you have a strict budget, they may choose processes and materials that look great but lie outside of your financial comfort zone. Prevent this by letting them know, from the get-go, exactly how much you can afford to spend on the project (including some room for contingencies).

Gainesville, FL Home Remodeling Teams

When choosing team members for a remodeling projects, it’s important to look for strong rapport among them from the beginning to prevent tensions and competing agendas. Working with Quality DesignWorks, you won’t have to worry about this part. Our design-build company already assembled a team of top designers, architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors and craftspeople who collaborate under the direction of our project manager to provide full service, from drafting plans to laying down the final stone. We can customize nearly everything and maintain constant contact throughout the entire process. For home remodeling Gainesville, FL, residents can rely on, call us today!