Searching thousands of listings for your dream home can be frustrating, but when a home looks good in paper, but isn’t so glamourous in person, you can be left feeling frustrated, wondering how you’ll ever find “the one”. Whether it’s the outer appearance, some questionable interior design trends, or downright ridiculous feature (a toilet in the kitchen?), “ugly” homes might have more to offer than you realize! Quality DesignWorks provides home remodeling Gainesville, FL residents can rely on to turn an ugly home into a dream home.

Benefits of Buying An “Ugly” Home

We’ve seen first-hand the many benefits of buying an “ugly” home. But for the sake of brevity, we think these five benefits will be enough for you to consider buying a home that isn’t perfect as-is.

Lower Asking Price

For the most part, people selling their home know what they have. A charming home will command a far higher asking price than an ugly home. But your new home can quickly win over the neighborhood with its charm with a few home renovations in Gainesville. All while you know how cost-effective those renovations were to the low sale price.

Negotiations May Move More Quickly

Depending on how long the ugly home has been on the market and/or how many truly serious buyers the seller has spoken with, they could be ready to nearly hand over the keys to you. Plus, given that the home may need significant renovations, you may be able to negotiate basic repairs into the contract, especially if it improves the safety of the home.

The Neighborhood Is Great, But It Doesn’t Fit — Yet

The home you found is close to work and school and the entire neighborhood itself is great. But the home just can’t compete with the other beautiful homes of the neighborhood. Our designers and architects work with you to get your Gainesville home remodeling project underway so your ugly home becomes the belle of the ball in the neighborhood.

So Much Potential

It looks like a run-down cottage right now, but when you envision it with a few home additions Gainesville residents choose, your ugly home’s potential rises to the surface. Ugly homes are often dismissed by buyers who want perfection, but a little imagination and the help of Quality DesignWorks can bring out any home’s full potential.

Hidden Beauty in Old Architecture

Stained glass bay windows in the living area don’t look like much with years of grime, dirt, and neglect, but features such as this can belie their hidden beauty. Ugly homes can be teaming with old architecture waiting to be brought to the surface again, making your home unique to others on the block.

You Don’t Have To Wait For Your Dream Home

The best part of having an ugly home isn’t the lower-than-usual sale price. It’s knowing that with a little imagination, planning, and professionals like Quality DesignWorks, you can turn it into your dream home. We have years of experience turning ugly homes into Gainesville, FL home remodeling marvels. Give us a call today and begin realizing the potential your “ugly” home has!