The benefits of Florida living include things such as the ability to have a summer and winter garden. While friends to the north are under a blanket of snow, Floridians are still making use of outdoor spaces. Outdoor living spaces have recently been evolving with technological advancements that make them better than ever before.

Fabrics and furniture have been designed for year-round outdoor use along with appliances. If you are looking to build or renovate an outdoor kitchen design, please consider these tips to make a space you can truly enjoy.

Building or Renovating an Outdoor Kitchen

Engineering the Kitchen Design

Start with a plan that includes the infrastructure. You will need a natural gas or propane supply line to fuel your grill, griddle, oven and any other “hot areas” of your outdoor kitchen. You will also need electricity as well as water and sewer hookups since no kitchen remodeling is complete without a sink. These have to be installed specifically to Florida’s strict code requirements. This is not only to protect you from retrofitting costs later on in the project, but it also protects your family’s safety. Gas and electric lines have to withstand everything from sun and rain to potential insect and rodent damage.

Plan the Layout

Make the best use of the space you have available. Cooking is dynamic and unique to the chef. However, your cooking zones should not get in the way of one another. Consider the flow of how you cook. Food comes out of the refrigerator or storage cabinets and to the prep surface. Then, it goes on the cooking surface followed by movement to the serving area. A good outdoor kitchen design makes preparing and serving meals easier because of the logic of the layout.

Cabinets, Flooring and Countertops

Your indoor kitchen is protected by walls, insulation and a roof or ceiling. Your outdoor kitchen needs to withstand whatever Florida’s weather offers, so it should be weatherproof. Outdoor Gainesville, FL, kitchen cabinets often use a stainless steel infrastructure. They can also have stainless steel metal doors and drawer fronts, or they can make use of beautiful weather resistant wood.

Flooring has to be impervious to sun, wind, rain and rapidly fluctuating temperatures. One of the most suitable countertop surfaces for outdoor kitchens is concrete. It has strength, is weatherproof, and can be finished to such an elegant surface that many people also choose custom concrete countertops for indoor kitchen renovations.

Plan for Your Guests

In planning your outdoor kitchen, consider the number of people you will be entertaining. Plan for seating that is comfortable for all your guests. In considering their comfort, you should plan for heating and cooling options so no outdoor meal or event is ruined. Find out the square feet you have to work with, and adapt your kitchen design to make the best use of the entire space with the comfort of your guests in mind. Our expert Gainesville kitchen designers can help you with your outdoor design space to ensure your guests not only get a great meal, but that they are also comfortable and have the best outdoor view of your property.

You do not have to create the best design on your own. We can have your outdoor space ready before the summer cookouts and entertaining get into full swing. You see the potential of your available outdoor space. Let our Gainesville remodeling experts help you realize the dream you have of the ultimate outdoor kitchen design.