Zero entry showers are becoming more than a trend. Whether you want to ditch the curb of your shower because you don’t like it, or maybe you have a family member that needs a more wheelchair accessible shower area. A zero entry shower is definitely the way to go.

What Is A Zero Entry Shower?

What defines a zero entry shower? Primarily, it is a waterproofed showering area that has no hinged doors and no ‘lip’ to step over when entering the shower. According to Gainesville home remodeling professionals, another feature you commonly see with walk-in showers is a frameless glass panel or screen that blocks the water from spraying into the rest of the bathroom. Different designs can be completely open- some being more closed off. Depending on the size of the space of the room, the design, and of course what works with the rest of the fixtures.

Benefits Of Adding A Zero Entry Shower In Your Home

Keeping space in mind? Whether you are worried about the amount of space you have in your bath or you simply want to create the illusion of more space, a zero entry shower can help you do just that. Removing the main bulkiness of a cubicle shower means you have more space visually, if not more physically. Doing a wet-room style allows for more flexibility when it comes to laying out and designing because there is no fixed frame for the shower tray, too.

“You don’t need a big space to make the space beautiful,” is what our designer, Heather Nazworth, always likes to say to clients when they mention their worry with their small space renovations. Installing a non-frosted, (clear) frameless glass screen will allow the visual of a bigger and brighter bath. This is perfect for smaller more compact spaces or places with little to no natural light being let in. A practical advantage to a zero entry shower is that it is, overall, easier to use. Being door-less, frameless, and essentially barrier-free makes them ideal for people with mobility restrictions and balance issues.

With fewer walls, little to no frame, and no door, cleaning zero entry showers are way easier. You can also eliminate the little crevices like door handles and hinges. Without a door-frame, cleaning the floor will be as easy as cleaning the bathroom floor as part of the normal routine- if not easier! The key to keeping the glass screen always looking its best is to simply clean it daily. This keeps the mold and build-up away, and your bathroom always looking its best.

This newer century look will hold on more than just a trend, and with this more advanced and designer look will add value to your home. Just think about how pleased you’ll be knowing that you have achieved a bath where guests think they’ve walked into a 5-star hotel. To learn more about zero entry showers or to schedule a consultation with Quality DesignWorks, contact us today!