The beach is a place people go to relax and have fun. The sound of the waves and the warm sun produce calm feelings that remind us of fun memories and past vacations. Quality DesignWorks offers home remodeling Gainesville, FL services to turn your home into a dream beach house you can retreat to even if you don’t actually live near the beach. Here are several steps you can take during your Gainesville remodeling process for a stylish, beach-inspired home.

Use Stripes

Stripes in the red, white and blue color palette evoke seaside vibes. You can use stripes of varying widths and directions to maintain this color scheme. While this pattern brings in color in an interesting fashion, it does distract from the overall look of the room making it perfect for any room in the house.

Reserve One Wall for Children’s Artwork

Many families spend their vacations in beach houses every year. Therefore, they tend to have a youthful energy that you should try to replicate. Hang pictures of cartoons and images associated with children in an organized manner. Use similar picture frames and a set color theme to add a level of sophistication.

Whitewash One Room

The color white can provide the fresh and clean atmosphere you may be looking for in your beach house. Paint all of the walls white in one room and choose white furniture to complete the look. You can then finish the space by using details to add the color blue or seaside inspired elements, such as rope or portholes.

Use Bright Patterned Prints

Choose bold, cheerful wallpaper for accents to break up the blue and white theme within your house. Patterned wallpaper is ideal for any small space such as the pantry, walk-in closets or the guest bathroom. Our Gainesville, FL home remodeling team can provide you with additional ways you can use these bold patterns in a classy manner.

Install Bunk Beds

If your house is on the water, you can expect for frequent visits from friends and family who are on vacation and looking for a place to stay. Prepare for your guests by designating one room as a bunk room. Install built-in bunks for a stylish alternative to traditional bunk beds while still maximizing sleeping options.

Add a Dining Nook

Your beach house should encourage interactions between family members. Our remodeling Gainesville team can place a table by a window and surround it with benches on two sides and chairs on the other two sides. This space will be perfect for relaxing on slow mornings or for enjoying a sunset during dinner.

Remodeling Companies in Gainesville, FL

For stylish home additions Gainesville neighbors will be jealous of, contact Quality DesignWorks. Whether you want a complete renovation or simple beach décor, we can provide you with suggestions to bring the elements you love about the ocean into your home. Call our office today for a consultation to see how Quality DesignWorks can help you get the beach house you have always dreamed of.