Moving into a new home or apartment can often seem daunting, especially with so many different design styles for you to choose from. But, picking a design style for your home can be fun as you can create a style that works best for you and brings out your personality. Design styles are constantly changing and evolving, which is why our home renovation contractors have outlined nine different design styles, so you can pick the style that suits you and your lifestyle the best!

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Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern refers to the design period following the second world war, ranging from the mid-1940s to the late 1960s. This design style is defined by its clean lines and organic shapes using new materials to give more traditional pieces a new life in your home. Mid-century modern furniture is designed to stand the test of time while remaining fresh and modern. 


The industrial design style emphasizes incorporating building materials into the room, such as exposed rafters or exposed steel or brick walls. This design style is often seen as more masculine than other staples as it uses a lot of wood, metal, and leather, but this is softened by using a neutral color palette.


Nautical design styles are a common type of design style as it seems to never go out of style. A nautical design is based on white or sandy colored foundations while using blue as an accent color. This also features nautical furniture, such as unfinished wood tables or chairs, and accessories such as jute ropes, rowing oars, or seashells as decorations.


The Scandinavian design branches off of the mid-century modern tree and is considered to be a popular minimalist look for your home. This design features a minimalist design with simple, clean lines and a soft color palette. The colors used for a Scandinavian design often rely heavily on neutrals, such as whites, creams, tans, or pastel colors.


The bohemian design style is often defined by its lack of structure and is often used to create a purposefully messy look. This design doesn’t have hard or fast rules and is an excellent choice if you would like to give your home as much personality as possible. This design does often feature tribal-inspired designs with wooden or metallic accents.


A farmhouse design is a more modern take on cabin-inspired interior design, and it features more natural and transitional elements. This style often uses more neutral colors, such as beige and white, but uses accent colors to introduce some pop and personality. Branching off the farmhouse design is modern farmhouse, which has become more popular in recent years and is often defined as rustic, yet refined.

Urban Modern

An urban interior design is a popular form of design in major cities and uses a fusion of different traits, ranging from a more minimalist design to more edge experimental designs. The furniture used in this design is more modern, yet uniformly sleek and low profile. Many of those with this design incorporate decorative accents that are often more artistic or creative.


Modern and contemporary styles are often used interchangeably, but contemporary designs are more fluid and don’t adhere to one particular style, but typically feature curving lines. Contemporary design often embraces versatility and spontaneity, so don’t worry if this style appears to be cluttered.


The minimalist design takes the bones of a modern design and further simplifies them. This design’s purpose is to give a sense of functionality and clean, simple lines. This design features a neutral color scheme and furniture in this design is often used as hidden storage areas, such as a coffee table that lifts up to reveal storage.