For far too long, concrete has been thought of for outdoor and industrial use. However, concrete can be used in many other ways including for decoration! The many benefits of concrete have made it increasingly popular for indoor residential use, and artisan decorative concrete has opened up a new world of possibilities. At Quality DesignWorks, we incorporate beautiful and delicate concrete into home remodeling Gainesville, FL, homeowners can love. Here are eight reasons concrete isn’t just for outdoor use, and we know once you realize the benefits of choosing concrete, you’ll never look back.

Why You’ll Love Using Concrete Indoors

Increased Durability

Compared to other materials used for indoor residential use — including wood, leather, vinyl, and laminate — concrete is far more durable. Its long lifespan makes it far more practical for high-use areas of a home such as flooring, tables, countertops, and walls. Concrete is resistant to warping, decay, and insects, and it is also very low-maintenance.

Easy Repairs

Although concrete is highly durable, at times it can experience chipping, flaking, or cracking if it has undergone significant stress. Unlike many other materials that would need replacing, concrete can be fixed quite easily.

Increase Home Value

Because of concrete’s increasing popularity and resilience, performing a Gainesville Florida home remodeling with upscale concrete can help raise your home’s value. If you’re selling your home, concrete can also make it more attractive to potential buyers.

High Versatility

Because of the way the concrete we use is created, it is completely malleable before it hardens. This gives us the opportunity to create virtually any shape, whether it’s a small object for decoration or a large countertop. Concrete also allows total customization of texture as it can be smoothed or have a rough texture depending on the look you want. While grey is the most associated color with concrete, you can actually insert pigment into the wet mix to turn the finished product into a variety of colors.

Superior Strength

Concrete exhibits superior strength to other materials, making it more resistant to breakage. It is especially useful for supporting heavy weight without bending or cracking making it the perfect material for furniture, countertops, tables, and even chairs.

Affordable Price

Despite its many uses and strength, concrete is actually a very inexpensive material. When thinking of undergoing a home remodeling in Gainesville within a tight budget, concrete might just provide you with exactly what you need at a friendly price.

Unique Designs

With concrete we can craft some pretty unique designs tailored to your exact specifications. At Quality DesignWorks, we can create almost anything for you out of our artisan decorative concrete such as countertops, shower walls, furniture, and sculptures. We can cut pieces to your desired size and create custom patterns and textures within the concrete by combining different minerals and colors.

Gainesville, FL Home Remodeling

If you are planning to undergo a new home addition project and want to incorporate concrete into it, contact Quality DesignWorks today.