The kitchen is the epicenter of home life — it’s the space where families come together to cook, dine, host, and spend time with one another. As the heart of the household, the kitchen gets particularly strong attention when we think of what our perfect homes look like. If your kitchen doesn’t quite match your design preferences or lifestyle needs, it may be time to bring it up to speed with a kitchen remodel. Gainesville remodelers with Quality DesignWorks offer the following six telltale signs that indicate it’s time for a kitchen makeover.

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Your Kitchen Doesn’t Suit Your Lifestyle

As time passes, so too do our priorities. For example, the kitchen that once met your needs may now feel deficient as you bring children into the picture. While there’s no such thing as a kitchen that perfectly suits everyone in a household, a new kitchen design or a full kitchen remodel gives you the chance to create a kitchen area that’s ideal for your lifestyle wants and needs. Those with small interior spaces might also consider reaping the benefits of multiple kitchen areas by adding an outdoor kitchen to their home. Identify your specific needs and then work with professional design-build experts to ensure your new kitchen meets your needs.

Cleaning Your Kitchen Is A Nightmare

It’s difficult enough to carve out time from your schedule to clean your kitchen. But kitchens with worn surfaces and poor design can be even more of a hassle to tidy up, as they just never look clean. Kitchens with faded linoleum flooring harbors deep-set dirt and grime, tile with deeply stained grout lines, and enamel backsplashes and countertops can all make cleaning feel futile. Replacing old and worn aspects of your kitchen, however, offer a host of shiny, new benefits. Brand-new surfaces and updated materials require so much less effort to clean and keep tidy, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time focusing on what’s important.

Your Kitchen’s Layout Isn’t Functional

Outdated kitchens often come with frustrating characteristics. In some homes, opening the refrigerator requires blocking the kitchen entrance, making it impossible for anyone to enter or exit the space. While many homeowners tolerate such inconveniences, others view an unsound kitchen layout as a compelling incentive to renovate. The best kitchen makeovers include smart space arrangements that maximize functionality and incorporate customized details that make using the kitchen an enjoyable experience. Need help devising a new kitchen floor plan in your home remodel? Get help from a local pro at Quality DesignWorks.

You Lack Storage & Counter Space

Whether preparing to host a large group of friends or a small family gathering, cooking for multiple people requires adequate space to prepare ingredients, cook meals, and store kitchenware. Even if you manage to cram all your essentials into available spaces, a lack of proper work and storage room can quickly make the kitchen feel cluttered. These are all reasons to start planning a kitchen makeover. Our expert designers can take your kitchen ideas and turn them into reality with the highest-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, maximizing your storage and counter space to your specific needs.

Your Appliances Are Past Their Prime

Your outdated kitchen appliances may be costing you money. If your appliances are past their prime, and your energy bill suffers as a result, consider replacing them with the wide range of exceptionally energy-efficient models currently on the market. New models minimize energy consumption and reduce your overall energy costs, meaning that your new appliances could actually pay for themselves over time! Additionally, newer appliances function far more seamlessly than their predecessors, making using them far easier and more enjoyable.

The Kitchen Decreases Your Home’s Value

You might not be particularly concerned about the odd quirks of your outdated kitchen, but if you plan to sell your home anytime soon, this could prove to be a hangup for potential buyers. Moreover, an outdated kitchen can even lower your home’s overall value. Upgrading your kitchen not only distinguishes your home from others in your neighborhood, but it also offers the benefit of increased resale value. While renovations require initial investment, homeowners looking to sell typically recoup a significant portion of what they put into their home. Contact our team today to discuss how a kitchen remodel can boost your home’s value.

Find your inspiration by looking through our project gallery, complete with some of the kitchen renovation projects we’ve worked on. Get high-quality results and customized aesthetic features in your next kitchen renovation from kitchen remodelers with Quality DesignWorks.