Many homeowners are dissatisfied with their garage. Whether it lacks sufficient storage, is too cramped, is dark and gloomy, or is just an overall eyesore — homeowners shouldn’t be stuck with a garage they dislike or have no use for. Fortunately, this is why home remodeling exists. Below, our experienced home remodeling contractors share five garage makeover ideas homeowners can use to transform their garage into a space they love!

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Add Storage

The number one complaint most homeowners have about their garage is there simply isn’t enough storage space. Because there typically isn’t an appropriate place to store items — such as power tools, holiday decorations, camping gear, bikes, and so on — inside of a home, these items often end up stored in the garage. However, garages can quickly become cluttered and cramped without proper storage space. Installing some shelving, storage racks, and cabinets can go a long way towards improving the look and feel of your garage.

Add New Flooring

A space’s flooring significantly impacts its overall appearance and feel. Luckily, there are plenty of other garage flooring options available to homeowners. For example, epoxy paint coatings are beautiful, durable, and resistant to stains. Additionally, options such as oil and latex floor paints are a convenient, inexpensive way to transform the look of your garage.

Paint The Walls

In the same vein as flooring, a garage’s walls can significantly influence the garage’s ambiance.  After deciding on your garage’s new flooring, you can pick a matching color to paint the walls. Adding a bit of color to a garage’s otherwise drab grey walls can help to transform into a more pleasant space.

Improve Lighting

The key to creating a more welcoming, inviting space is good lighting. Garages are usually fairly dark, often only lighted by an overhead light or two. By installing more lights around the garage, you can create a more comfortable space. Additionally, you can install windows in your garage, allowing natural light in and even opening them up to let in the fresh air.

Transform It Into An All-New Room

Garages can be more than just a place to park your cars or store items. Garages can be remodeled into workshops, bedrooms, living areas, offices, mancaves, in-home gyms, bars — pretty much anything you can imagine. While turning your garage into an all-new room might seem like a lot of work, it can prove its worth if you don’t already use your garage as a parking space or storage room.