When it comes to any home renovation, the devil is in the details. Big-picture thinking may be beneficial for considering the overall result of a remodel. But our design-build company in Gainesville likewise understands the importance of coupling big-picture thinking with detail-oriented strategy — small home details can make all the difference with regard to the look, feel, functionality, and overall cohesiveness of your living space.

Before starting your next remodel, consider a comprehensive approach — consider the following home detail tips from Quality DesignWorks and ensure the success of each facet of your upgrade. From helping you choose interior finishes for a bathroom remodel to assisting you with selecting the perfect materials for a kitchen remodel, our experienced builders and designers can help you achieve the residential space of your dreams.

1. Interior Trim

The interior trim — molding or millwork used to frame the windows, doors, walls, floors, and even ceilings — serve to define the greater architectural style of a room. A seemingly small and often overlooked detail during a home renovation, the trim you choose is as personal as your stylistic preferences. For wall trim ideas, look through pictures of interior décor and note the trims you favor. Whether you have an idea of the type of skirt and arc you want or you feel overwhelmed choosing among the thousands of available trim options, we recommend consulting experienced builders and designers for professional results tailored to your tastes.

2. Wall Textures

With regard to interiors, texture is typically characterized by the addition of blankets, carpets, soft furnishings among other types of furnishings. For a home remodel, adding texture can transcend home décor through the use of interior wall textures. Bring-to-life your walls and ceilings with textured home details such as vertical or horizontal cladding, exposed brick, or natural timber features. When choosing among available types of wall textures, it’s important to consider how the wall will affect the look and feel of the room and the home as a whole — will the wall be the focal point of the room or a subtle feature that complements other attributes?

3. Window Design

The windows are not just the eyes to the soul — they are also among the most important details that dictate how a room both looks and feels. In addition to selecting the size, shape, and placement of the windows, homeowners are urged to consider the type of glass to best accommodate their home as well as their lifestyle requirements. Our professional design-build company can guide you through the available options for types of house windows (from traditional to modern window design) and help you pick the glass that improves insulation, blocks outdoor noise, or even filters natural sunlight, among other features.

4. Ceiling Fans

Traditional ceiling fans are often chosen for performance or for style. Designer ceiling fans offer homeowners the best of both worlds — functionality and aesthetics. The right ceiling fan can introduce feelings of relaxation and resort-style luxury within a space, making them perfect for lounge areas, outdoor kitchens, and bedrooms. When choosing a fan to include in your renovated space, consider the size, shape, color, and functional fanning ability. Envision how the fan in question might either add-to or take-away-from the rest of the living space. Contact our design-build company for more tips on how to choose home remodeling details.

5. Door Hardware

Door hardware, or door furniture, refers to door handles, locks, and other common features of home doors. When considering design ideas for house renovations, every detail is important (including the hardware on doors). Due to the small size of door furniture, homeowners may forget to disclose their preferences — don’t miss the opportunity to choose the door handles you want, as they can make a big difference regarding the overall look of your door and entryway. From small features to prominent focal points, each part of your home should facilitate your vision for home remodeling — call Quality DesignWorks to get started on your next project.