When it comes to home renovation, a bedroom closet may be at the bottom of the list, but that doesn’t account for the daily impact a closet has on your life. From quickly finding everything you need to get ready for work to storing all of your accessories in a clean and organized manner, a well-functioning closet never goes out of style. If you find yourself rushing around in the morning to find your second shoe or are forced to get rid of something every time you buy a new piece of clothing just so you’ll have room, it may be time for a closet remodel. Not sure where to start? Quality DesignWorks has a few must-have closet features to modernize any wardrobe. 

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Ample Closet Shelves & Racks

Closet shelving can provide the most customized solutions for your closet storage needs. When installing shelving, it’s essential to have an array of sizes for neatly storing everything from purses, seasonal bins of clothing, boots, and other accessories that don’t need to be hung. Even better, the shelves should be adjustable so that your closet can transform along with your needs. Racks are also crucial beyond hanging up everyday clothes. Consider specialty racks for neckties, scarves, small or delicate clothing, and hats. Not enough room in your current closet? Our remodeling contractors can expand your closet.

Accessory Drawers

In addition to shelving, it’s important to have a couple of drawers dedicated to small accessories, such as watches, jewelry, cufflinks, sunglasses, wallets, scarves, neckties, and brooches. Not only will this keep them neatly organized, but the enclosed drawer will prevent dust from accumulating on your delicate accessories.

A Good Shoe System

With so many styles and styles, finding the right shoe storage system is a must for any closet renovation. Depending on the number of shoes you have, an efficient lazy Susan system can save space while ensuring any shoe is always within arm’s reach. If you have a lot of boots, consider customized shelving so that the boots can maintain their shape. If you have a whole shoe collection, a dedicated wall with appropriate shelving might be the way to go.

Adequate Lighting & Full-Length Mirror

Don’t fumble around in the dark trying to find your favorite shirt. Proper dressing room lighting not only helps you quickly find what you’re looking for but also helps you match outfits together because you’ll be able to distinguish hues and tones. And, of course, you’ll want to check out your look in a full-length mirror to truly appreciate your work. If you have the room, an angled three-panel full-length mirror can be helpful for viewing your outfit from all sides, even the back!

Comfortable Seating

Seating is an often overlooked aspect of a closet remodel. After all, most people want to get in and get out; they’re not looking to hang out in their closets. However, closet seating can provide you with a comfortable spot to put on shoes, fix socks or stockings, and place items in preparation. It doesn’t have to be La-Z-Boy level comfort, but a designated sitting spot preferably comes with cushions.