Owning a home affords owners creative freedom in every aspect of the decorating and remodel process — whether it’s a small office renovation or a full kitchen remodel. Renovating your own property can also mean endless possibilities for improvement projects, including storage space. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be frustrated with their closet space. Oftentimes, it’s crowded and cluttered, and they’re not quite sure how to best organize their personal belongings. A custom closet is an exciting opportunity to utilize space in the home while adding a personal touch. The home renovation and design experts at our remodeling company in Gainesville, FL, understand that deciding to install a custom closet in your home can be a major decision. Consider these benefits from Quality DesignWorks to help you decide whether a custom closet is the right addition for your home.

Added Storage Space

We’ve all bemoaned about a lack of storage space — every home is different so it’s hard to find the right storage options to work with the available space. Even a do-it-yourself (DIY) project doesn’t take advantage of every possible nook and cranny in a traditional closet. A custom closet is designed to fully optimize the space available, making organizing your clothes all the easier. Custom closets aren’t just for clothes, however. They optimize storage space for any of your personal belongings. Call our home renovation team to learn how installing a custom closet can optimize and spruce up your home storage space!


Homeowners go through many phases of life while living in their home. The point of a custom closet system is that you get exactly what you want to fit every lifestyle, whether you’re a new homeowner or a family looking for a new place to live. From start to finish, our designers take advantage of the space in your existing closet to create an efficient system that suits your unique style. You can choose everything from the placement of hanging bars, shelves or drawers down to the color of the stain and drawer pulls, and even the style of baskets. For those seeking this home addition or looking to revamp or update their wardrobes, custom closets afford homeowners ample opportunity to adapt the space to their needs.

Durability & Longevity

Closets are an integral part of organizing your personal belongings and home — make it last with a custom closet. DIY projects often don’t hold up, and they use cheaper flimsier materials. Investing the time and money into installing quality materials and a custom closet design (by a company that specializes in creating them) will always be the right decision. Inexpensive materials that are put together using inexpensive tools will never give you the same longevity and quality that homeowners can get from the same closet structure made with professional-grade cabinetry, shelving, and organizational products. Get in touch with us today to schedule a custom closet consultation.

Higher Home Value

Buyers all look for different things when considering purchasing a home, but the value of an organized closet and home cannot be overstated. Homeowners tend to focus on kitchen and bathroom remodels, but well-designed closets add extra storage space and make life more convenient — all-important selling points for potential buyers. A custom closet is also a great return on investment (ROI) for homeowners hesitant about the cost. Buyers can better envision how their clothes and personal belongings will look in the space when it’s a custom-designed closet from the remodeling professionals at Quality DesignWorks.

Saves Time & Money

Homeowners live busy lives and every minute saved can be a blessing; custom closets are a must and make getting ready in the morning and other routines easier. Messy closets make it impossible to find that perfect outfit for a night out or a matching pair of shoes. On the other hand, custom closets save you time and headaches from having to dig around for mismatched clothes or other personal belongings. Custom closets also cut down the amount of excess. Have you ever purchased a certain top or outfit because you weren’t sure you already had it, only to end up with a duplicate? A custom closet makes it easy to see what you own and access it quickly, saving you the expense of buying the same item more than once.