Looking for small bathroom designs that can help your tiny powder room feel like a spa-like oasis? So are many homeowners throughout North Central Florida. Small bathrooms can be one of the most challenging rooms of a home to decorate, with their finite natural sunlight, limited square footage, and lack of storage space. Most homeowners dream of having vast, spacious bathrooms to get ready for their day, provide a comfortable area for guests, and even lounge in an expanded area between tub soaks or skincare treatments.

No matter your bathroom’s layout goals, our home renovation contractors can help your bathroom live up to its full potential with a bathroom remodel or a new bathroom that wows. Having a small bathroom can have its challenges, but with a keen eye for the right small bathroom ideas for décor and layout, you can create a room you love. Here, Quality DesignWorks discusses the top four ways to make your bathroom look bigger. Contact us today to book a showroom appointment and get started on the bathroom you’ve always wanted!

Select A Smart Layout

Any room in your home is only as good as its layout. So, when you’re figuring out how to expand your bathroom strategically that makes it appear larger than it actually is, you’ll want to address layout ideas for your bathroom first. By paying particular attention to your options for layout, you can see what you might be able to accomplish with some simple tricks. For bathrooms with a small footprint, consider a layout that allows the room to feel most airy and spacious with accents like tall, mirrored cabinets that use vertical space and offer a wealth of in-bathroom storage. You might also consider installing a wall-to-wall vanity, which allows for plenty of countertop space around the sink, as well as a full-length bathtub.

Choose Light & Bright Colors

The colors, textures, and materials you select for your design scheme are essential to determining how dark, light, and (moreover) spacious the bathroom will feel. If your top priority for your bathroom remodel is to make a small space feel or look bigger, you should focus on minimizing the visual weight of the design. The results of your chosen design will surface after the remodeling process, but there are certain tricks to ensure your changes meet your goal. Avoid design elements that add heft or weight to your bathroom and choose light, airy, clear, and reflective surfaces instead. Stick with light and bright colors for a bigger bathroom that feels more inviting. Hints of deeper colors used minimally can meld with lighter tones for the ideal amount of gravitas.

Bounce Light With Reflective Surfaces

Harnessing natural light in a room can make just about any space feel bigger than its square footage may reflect. There are plenty of ways you can use natural light to your benefit, like adding glass doors to your shower space, which allows natural light in and for the room to visually continue without adding a harsh barrier on the eyes. To add to the airiness of your new bathroom, you also might consider adding a floating vanity mirror, which feels much lighter in the space without adding heft to the flooring. Bounce light around the room by including mirrored finishes, whether it’s two simple vanity mirrors, a mirrored vanity cabinet, or a tall storage cabinet. The natural light bouncing off these surfaces makes the room feel bigger.

Be Strategic About Storage

With such a limited space to work with, you’ll want to make good use of every inch of square footage you have available. When thinking about how to best use your available space, think vertically. Consider installing floating shelves to allow for additional storage for towels and toiletry essentials without taking up valuable floor space. Floating shelves also offer the opportunity to display additional decorative pieces that complement the overall design and aesthetic of your bathroom—think fresh flowers in vases, spa-scented candles, framed art, and lush potted plants. Additionally, you might consider other floating elements like a floating vanity or slim shower or bath niches to store all of your toiletry bottles, soaps, and scrubs.