How often have you craved tasty, barbequed meat and vegetables with just the right touch of smoke and flavor only to find out that the nearest BBQ shack in your area is closed? How many times have you had to drive to parks, beaches, and neighborhoods across town for a fun barbecue outing?

If any of these sound familiar, you may want to consider adding an outdoor kitchen with a full grilling area at your home. At Quality DesignWorks, we believe that your home should accommodate your every need and desire. With a little home remodeling, you can enjoy exceptional foods right in your own backyard!

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Quality Grilling Area Builds & Installations

Why travel far and wide for good food and social extravaganzas? Quality DesignWorks offers charcoal, gas, and electric grills that can delight your family and guests.

Types Of Grills For Your Outdoor Kitchen

At Quality DesignWorks, we offer a wide range of grills to accommodate your grilling needs and preferences.

  • Summerset & Sizzler Grills (Top-Seller!): Summerset and Sizzler grills are the most popular types of grills that we install. With stainless steel construction, they are modern and stylish, accommodating nearly every home or outdoor kitchen décor. These outdoor grills are polished and easy to clean and are perfect for beginners or home grilling experts. Many models offer temperature gauges that notify grillers when the meat is thoroughly cooked, making the overall process easier and less strenuous.
  • Propane Grills: Propane grills make grilling easy. These types of grills require a portable propane (liquid gas) bottle that can be refilled and exchanged easily. If you are considering installing a propane grill in your home, be sure that the target area in your home is well-ventilated. Because of the need for liquid gas, fires can erupt easily if there is not enough access to fresh air.
  • Charcoal Grills: Charcoal grills are the most traditional type of grills. The sole heating/fuel power comes from chunks of charcoal briquettes. Because it often takes hours to preheat and maintain the heat of charcoal, charcoal grills usually require extremely high temperatures. Meat gains a classic, smoky flavor as a result of the charcoal that is difficult to achieve with more modern types of grills.

Get the perfect addition to your home by installing a grill. Contact a licensed professional at our Gainesville home remodeling service today. Quality DesignWorks is proud to serve the Gainesville area and remains committed to helping you build the perfect home.

Be The Life Of The Party & Save Money

With a separate BBQ area, you can have parties, celebrations, and other gatherings as often as you wish. Grill your favorite foods with the people you love, and don’t be afraid to celebrate life.

An added bonus to a personal grill and barbecue station in your home is cost-effectiveness. No longer will you have to waste gas to travel to restaurants or rush to order food before businesses close. With a newly installed grill, you can barbecue whenever you experience a craving. Avoid renting out expensive venues and make your home the center of social entertainment and even intimacy. Instead of spending $20 for a plate of food in Gainesville, you can buy a large amount of meat to feed your entire family or all your neighbors for less on your new grill.