Do you find that the space in your closet is stuffy and crowded? Is it difficult for you to maneuver? Do you dream of a larger closet space to store your most prized wardrobe items? Are you in need of better organizational structures? If any of these apply to you, it may be time to invest in a quality closet renovation.

Quality DesignWorks has everything needed to build your dream closet.

Gain Your Dream Closet

Our design-build team doesn’t just build new closets and/or renovate closets for you — we go above and beyond to make your closet absolutely perfect. We can design walk-in closets and other special accommodations to help you achieve your dream closet. We ensure that the lighting, ventilation, and organization in every closet remodel or closet addition are ideal.

Closet Renovations In Gainesville, FL

There is nothing like preparing for your day in a huge, organized closet that meets your every need. Quality DesignWorks is a professional design-build firm in North Central Florida. Serving all of Alachua County, Gainesville, and the surrounding areas. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect home at a reasonable cost.

We renovate closets, build new closets, and even create new closet spaces during home addition builds. No matter what you may need, our talented professionals will examine your home, measure your space, and determine the most appropriate closet options for you. We will listen to your desires and concerns, and develop a closet that adapts to your needs.

Proper Lighting

What’s a closet without proper lighting? At Quality DesignWorks, we provide our customers with premier lighting options to add that extra touch. From ceiling fans to appropriate fixtures, by relying on us, you can be sure that your new closet will be well-lit.

Proper Ventilation

When air is not distributed properly in a closet, unpleasant odors can develop. These smells may travel through your clothing and shoes. In addition, air that is not well-ventilated in a closet space can contribute to mold and mildew and attract pests such as roaches, ants, and mice. Contractors at Quality DesignWorks will make sure that air flows freely and properly throughout your new closet space to prevent these undesirable issues from occurring.

Closet Remodels in Gainesville, FL

Proper Organization

Closets can be key to organizing our lives. If you need a lot of storage, or if you require special assistance, you may require a larger overall space and/or extra drawers. Our professional design-build contractors have the knowledge and resources to rebuild the structural integrity and components of your closet space to allow for necessary containers and separators. We provide quality laundry room additions so that you will have assigned spaces for your washing machine and dryer, ironing board, and clothes hamper. We will also install hooks, cabinets, and entryways to make your closet completely efficient. Your closet will be easy to maneuver and you will have a special spot for everything you need.

Color-coordinate your outfits, store your favorite hats and scarves, and categorize your favorite jewelry pieces with a closet made for you.

Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Home

Quality DesignWorks has many years of experience in building and restructuring closets in Alachua County and the surrounding areas. If you crave that dream closet, contact us today.

We are happy to help.